Weather in Leilani Estates, Hawaii Island

Weather on Hawaii Island varies greatly based on which side of the Island and elevation.  Trade winds come from either the NE or SE bring tropical rains to the east side of the Island while much of the west side gets very little rain.  We have every climate except arctic and extreme desert and do often get snow on Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa, both roughly 13,700'.

Here in Leilani Estates we get lots of rain.  Winters can have a number of days in a row with some rainfall while summers may have several days without.  Actually, in the summer it often rains at night but not in the daytime (really great).  Winter Low temperatures can vary from 69° down to 57° while summers typically run 75° down to 68°.  Winter High temperatures vary from 73° up to 81° with summers ranging from 78° to 89°.  With this temperate climate it's easy to understand that we don't have either heat or air conditioning in our house!

The chart below shows our rainfall for the two years I've been tracking.  Also included is our solar panel electric output which is a good indicator of how much sunshine we get each month.  As you can see, there is somewhat of a seasonal trend but by no means a typical or normal value for any month.  We typically dress in T-shirts and shorts but carry an umbrella!